Laxmi Remote India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, Company, backed by its rich history of continuous success through dedicated, team work, clear vision and goal, set up by its top management.

Our OEM partners have placed their deep faith in LRIPL products and services because of LRIPL's continuous endeavour and commitment towards innovation and development of new innovative products, by adhering to the core ethics, practised since two decades. LRIPL enjoys deep relationship with its B2B customers, because they are aware of LRIPL's systems that each and every product passes through strict quality control standards. Today LRIPL is known as the most preferred, OEM for almost all the super brands, in the field of Remote Controls, Set Top Boxes, Adaptors and AV cables.







Products are designed & developed in in-house manufacturing units. LRIPL has invested heavily in highest efficient hi tech machinery to ensure the quality of the products and bring high efficiency in the production system.The high tech manufacturing facilities and well skilled staff have made LRIPL one stop solution for all remote controls, set Top Boxes, Adapters & AV cable related needs. LRIPL proudly enumerate its in-house facilities as under:


Trained professional teams, at LRIPL ensure that, all the products are designed and developed in-house and are aligned with the latest technology prevalent in the market. At LRIPL, we are passionate about designing and developing new products for those customers who require customised remote control solutions. It gives LRIPL immense pleasure to satisfy our customers, who have individual needs. Our in-house design and development lab is well equipped with the latest CAD/CAM software and various automatic testing machines.

At LRIPL we offer ONE STOP solution for wide range of printed Circuit Boards, with latest machineries, such as Circuit Printing, Etching, Tinning, Masking, UV and IR curing, Brushing, Power presses, V-grooving and High voltage BBT. Our PCBs are intelligently designed with dedicated software. All the card dimensions and template are designed, based on required circuitry and case of the PCB. The quality of our PCB board ensures flawless products without any interruptions. This makes LRIPL as the most preferred manufacturers in the field of remote controls and set top boxes. LRIPL represent a great combination of technology, resource utilization and development.



LRIPL is proud to have its own high-tech, new generation Tool Room, having excellent , design and manufacturing capabilities, which , specializes in high precision, multi-cavity hot and cold runner mold, ranging up to the size of 200 ton Machines. LRIPL is equipped with a comprehensive design set-up, where mould design and its analysis is done on latest software, which is done by 3D-prototyping.CNC machines & in- house testing facilities are synchronised with tool manufacturing facilities, which given LRIPL a competitive advantage.

With high quality Injection moulding machines from Ferromatik, Haitian, Woojin and Sperry-Sound, LRIPL mold plastic granules into finished cabinets with perfection. Pad printing machines from Tempoprint Germany takes printing to a new height for production of Text/ornamental plates. Spray paint section to give any color desired to the cabinets.



As an evolved technology company, LRIPL has a premium focus on Research & Innovation. LRIPL keep on upgrading technologies and meet industry standards. LRIPL has a complete R&I lab to make a research on technology driven products. EARTHMA is totally an in-house concept of LAXMI REMOTE wherein a single remote control works on two different brands (any set top box/DTH Brand and any TV Brand.

The manufacturing facilities are spread over 10000 hectares and has world class equipments and facilities. Combining best Technology, state of the art plants, high quality work force, smart processes, integrated systems, perfect turnaround times, LRIPL has made itself the unrivaled leader in remote control industry. The manufacturing process is guided by highly valued policies.


Zero Defect Policy: The zero defect policy requires production line workers to carry out controls and tests at pre-determined stages in the assembly cycle. All suppliers have to follow pre-determined contractual obligations in the matter of quality. This makes LRIPL to maintain consistently high component quality to produce high quality finished products. Environmental: LRIPL is fully committed to environmental protection in all its manufacturing operations. This is best achieved through environmental consciousness and setting appropriate objectives & targets: Safety in production, and use of raw materials, equipment and products Maintaining environmental and health hazards Expanding awareness among employees, users and society at large about environmental protection & product safety Environment training to employees




LRIPL always moves with the best in the world. Therefore, there is no compromise on high production standards. The Unit is backed by Fuji SMT line from Japan. The tool room is supported by the latest equipment and processes. LRIPL is having, the latest CNC wire cut machine, EDM, CNC milling machine for moulds for manufacturing plastic Cabinets. LRIPL is able to meet highest standards, of its Moulds, plastic Cabinets and PCB because they are supported by press shop, CNC-MAP machine, spring manufacturing machines from Taiwan and equipped with in-house decoration printing. LRIPL products are manufactured in state of the art plants by using world class technologies & manufacturing facilities. LRIPL continuously keeps itself updated on all systems with a focus on high efficiency and world class technology.

At LRIPL the work force and talent pool are literally the engines of growth. They are technically qualified with education in technology streams and are further trained to highly technical workers with specialization in various fields. This is the outcome of skilled workforce only that LRIPL is India's top most OEM vendor.