1. Does LRIPL have their own E-STORE?

Yes, with the domain name shop.lripl.com .

2. Which all types of remote control do you manufacture?

LRIPL is India’s leading remote control manufacture. We manufacture all types of remote control. The remote range include AC, CRT TV, LED/LCD, Home theatre, Universal remote, Set top box/DTH, DVB, CD/DVD, Home automation, Fan, Cooler, Projector remote etc.

3. What technology do you use, RF or IR?

We use both technology i.e. RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (infrared Remote).

4. Difference between DVB-C and DVB-S set top box?

DVB-C stands for Digital Video Broadcasting via Cable and DVB-S stands for Digital Video Broadcasting via Satellite. In DVB-C we get signals through cable and in DVB-S we get signals through satellite. DVB-S is also known as Free to Air set top box where in there is no monthly charge levied on a certain no of channels.

5. What is Universal Remote Control?

Universal Remote Control are compatible with all brands. It allows you to control multiple electronic devices of single or different brands with one remote, instead of needing an individual remote for all remotely controlled devices.

6. List all products which are manufactured in your company?

We are leading manufacturer of Remote control, Set Top Box, Mobile Charger, Adapters and plastic casings. For more detail check our site www.lripl.com or call us or mail us on 0120-25-63-903/04 or customersupport@lripl.com.

7. What is Free To Air Set Top Box?

The biggest advantage of Free To Air Set Top Box is that there are no Monthly Charges to be paid to view any of the program as these are broadcasted by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharti.

8. Limitation of Free To Air Set Top Box?

The Limitation of Free To Air Set Top Box is that paid channels cannot be subscribed only free to air channels can be viewed which are broadcasted by Public Service broadcaster Prasar Bharti.

9. What EMS services are provides by LRIPL?

EMS services from LRIPL:-

1. PCB Designing & Manufacturing

2. SMT manufacturing

3. Injection Moulding

4. Research & Innovation

5. Assembly

6. Mould Design & Development

10. Are you also in Mould design & development?

Yes, we design & develop moulds to your precise engineering specification on latest software supported by 3D-prototyping & process mold using highly efficient machines like CNC machine, EDM, CNC milling machine etc.

11. What kind of plastic casing are provided by LRIPL?

LRIPL plastic casing range include Raspberry-Pi-case, Arduino Case , BeagleBone Case, Micro:bit Case and other single board computers .

12. Does LRIPL Power Adapter meet all EMI /EMC & safety requirements?

Yes, our all adapters are designed to meet all EMI/ EMC, safety requirements.

13. How many Types of chargers do you have?

We manufacturing all types of chargers like single USB charger, multiple USB charger etc. and we design customized chargers also according to your specification.

14. Are your products BIS certified?


15. How many manufacturing plants do you have & their location?

We have two manufacturing plants in Noida. Check https://www.lripl.com/contact .

16. How many types of Adapters do you have?

We have largest range of Power adapters for TV, Laptops, STBs, RO, Air purifiers, LEDs, cordless phone etc. We make customized adapters also according to customer’s specification.

17. What is your manufacturing capacity for different products?

LRIPL has wide manufacturing capacity for different product. For remote control we can manufacture two lakhs per day, for set top box 30K/day, for adapter and charger our manufacturing capacity is 25K/day.