PCB Unit

PCB Designing and assembly is the core part in electronic manufacturing as it is considered as the soul of any electronic product. PCB Design & layout services include component selection as well as layout and manufacturing techniques. Laxmi Remote India Pvt Ltd (LRIPL) has today successfully carved a niche as a reputed PCB manufacturer in India for our consistent services in this field. At Laxmi Remote, PCBs are designed & fabricated with utmost exactitude with the use of best material, components & latest technology. Our masteries in designing and assembling of PCBs allow you to customize your products and cut down the prices as well.

Our PCB unit is equipped with fully automated production machines backed by skilled workforce which enables us to churn out quality PCBs. PCB manufacturing process starts with selection of CCL sheets and then to cutting these in desired shapes. These sheets then undergo different processes like chemical washing and brushing, plating, masking, echting, UV & IR curing, Double masking, tinning, CNC cutting & testing. Though these processes are slightly different in case of single side and double side PCBs. After automatic and manual testing these PCBs go for mounting. Mounting is done through two ways:

1. THT i.e. through hole technology used to plug large and wired components on PCB
2. SMT i.e. surface mounted technology which is very advanced and precise

After mounting reflow soldering is done in order to place the components in place then the mounted PCbs are inspected & checked for faults. Once done, these ready PCBs are kept for final installation in actual products.