Conditional Access System

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Only1 Conditional Access System offers controlled Access to TV signals to authorized TV viewers only.


Sr. No. Feature Description
1 Users (Unlimited Users) Supports more than 1 million users with single installation Each subscriber can be individually controlled & Authorized
2 Security Scrambling for Programs, Protected and secured encryption for Programs and subscriber data
3 Encryption Communication between Smart card & Decoder) Yes, Unique for every STB Box
4 Simulscript Interface Yes
5 Subscriber Management System (SMS) Yes
6 Subscription Add / delete / modify subscriber data
7 Entitlement Entitlement of smart cards to subscribers, Enable / disable entitlement Subscription dates programmable
8 Messaging On Screen Display message control
9 Billing / Accounts Subscriber accounting
10 Subscriber Enable / Disable Subscriber enable / disable control based on payment due
11 Program Packages Various channel packages - making various priced packages
12 Smart card Authorization Personalized smart card authorization
13 OTA Upgrade STB Software upgrade through cable stream
14 PPV Yes
15 Open Customer Database SQL Server
16 Updates / New Releases Continuous upgrading of CAS & SMS for next 1 year


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