Trained Industry Professionals' are the back bone of any organisation, specially which is engaged in high precision products. It is always said "It is not the machine which matters but the man behind the machine which matters". LRIPL values, its trained professional and ensures that they hire the best in the Industry. Trained professional team, at LRIPL ensures that, all the products are designed and developed in-house and are aligned with the latest technology prevalent in the market. LRIPL invests heavily on competency building of their employees, so that they always keep themselves updated with the latest happening in the field of technology. Such actions have made LRIPL, the largest remote control manufacturer in India & technical team of LRIPL is capable to make any customised remote control for any type of requirement.




Highly efficient equipments and the use of latest technology has made Laxmi remote the most preferred manufacturer for remote controls & set top boxes, not only in India but also in International Market. Laxmi remote has always been, driven by innovation and new technology, which simply gets reflected in their products and services delivered by their trained professional. Laxmi remote is equipped with highly advanced machineries, own tool room, injection molding machines brought from all over the world and has made highly effective manufacturing policies to ensure the best use of technology, machineries and natural resources. Products designed & developed, by Laxmi remote, enable all its users to enjoy a great experience with the digital world.


State of the art INFRASTRUCTURE

Trained Industry PROFESSIONAL

Customized OEM




endeavor towards quality

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization

Today electronic world has evolved so much that life has become unimaginable without our household appliances. These appliances are just a Remote away from us. Every gadget is remotely controllable and here is where our expertise comes in to existence.




Laxmi Remote India Private Limited (LRIPL)

Today, connectivity is generally regarded as a high-end novelty in home devices, such as Television Sets, Air Conditioners, and Set Top Boxes etc. In our day to day life every appliance electrical or non-electrical is to be controlled by remote. To use such appliances, one needs a high quality Remote Control System. We at Laxmi Remote India Pvt. Ltd. (LRIPL) manufacture all types of customized remote control solutions to suit almost, all types of electronic appliances, be it TV/LED/LCD, STB, DTH, AC, HOME theatre, DVD, Projector or fans available in the market.

The top class brands of TV/Air conditioners etc. place their deep faith in our products and illuminate our list of prestigious customers. Laxmi Remote India Pvt. Ltd. has the world class, state of the art, efficient manufacturing plants, operating on 24X7 basis. The major attributes of LRIPL are mentioned below:-

  • State of the Art infrastructure
  • Customized Solutions for its clients
  • High Precision Equipment
  • Trained Industry professionals
  • 360 Degree
  • Latest Technology

These unique qualities put LRIPL in leadership position and one of the most preferred brands in remote control Industry. The remote control, Set Top Boxes and other AV cables are intuitive, innovative and responsive. Each and Every action of LRIPL emanates from its Tag Line "endeavor towards quality"