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LAXMI REMOTE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED Founded in Oct 2000, is the pioneer and leader in remote control technology for the modern life style. We customize to the needs of valued clients. We design, develop and create intelligent and easy solutions for convenient control of all entertainment comfort devices and home systems.

LRIPL offers the customer a wide array of models to choose from. Not to boast of the expertise and experience of the company in the field of Remote Control manufacturing. The company's in-house facility of Remote control manufacturing makes the Remote Control appealing and a distinguished item in the consumer limelight. We have become more and more focused on developing products with the best price and performance utilizing the latest technology available in remotes, control panels for Aircon, set up boxes, etc.

Quality is our top priority and LRIPL is recognized as a trendsetter in the industry. The wide variety of products you see on our website is the result of our goal to provide several series of products with various combinations of performance, features, and leading edge design. This is how we are able to deliver products at virtually every price level while giving consumers choices within those levels. The products of LAXMI REMOTE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED are sold all over the India so we must have products that address the needs of our customers as well as our distributors and channel partners.

LAXMI REMOTE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is amongst the leaders in customer support. Our company is well known for its commitment in the industry and now we will be giving warranties with the products which represents our commitment "endeavor towards Quality". We serve our esteemed customers by expediting their shipments, responding fast to their needs and constantly updating them with the latest developments.

Very soon we will be launching high performance niche brands with series of Remote models, whole gamut of Set Top boxes, IP TV products, DVR, etc. which will provide our customer a complete range of innovations from LRIPL to further strengthen our relationship and association. This allows us to be a "one stop shop" for our customers providing everything needed for home entertainment systems.

LRIPL manufactures variety of consumer products Remote controls, AC Control unit, Set Top Boxes, Tablet PC, Media Box, and Telephone Call Disconnector.

We invite you to browse our website. You are welcome to contact us with queries including where to purchase LRIPL products in your area.