Checklist to be reviewed before choosing your EMS partner

Checklist to be reviewed before choosing your EMS partner

 Every year, OEMs spend millions on outsourcing electronics production from EMS providers. But these expenses become wastage or say a big loss, when EMS provider fails to produce quality products that recite project success. Selecting a good and responsible EMS partner can serve as a source for business, operational innovation and efficiency that can be leveraged to the OEM's business benefits.

Here, we are with the checklist that can help in a successful business with an EMS provider.

Know your objective:-

Before choosing your EMS partner, you should have an aim like what are the requirements in specific project? What will be your budget? What sort of quality you want in product? What will be testing criteria for products provided by EMS partner, etc.

Setting the aim will help in reaching right partner and help your business to plot progress.

Select the Project Team:-

Now your aim is set, it’s time to select your warrior i.e. your team for the project. Aim for wide range of skilled team, who can surf you till the project end. Assigning the project manager would help you to plan project and taking project responsibility from start to end.

Check your EMS Partners Profile:

Checking your EMS partners profile is necessary as EMS industry is divided into two segments:

First segment consist of high mix, low volume contract manufacturing. These manufacturers make a wide variety of complex products in small batches. This segment require sophisticated infrastructure, as they manage regulatory and quality issues.

Second segment consist of low mix, high volume contract manufacturing. These manufacturers make large quantity of the same unit. They have large infrastructure, to manufacture large volume of products.

Knowing your partners expertise is also a good option. Check the manufacturing specialities of your EMS partner in specific products. This will help you to expand your business in that stream.

One of the important aspect is to check the companies experience in EMS manufacturing as this will help you to know their clients, ethics, product service, after sales services and their reputation in market as experience is key to expertise.

Your partner’s clients are helping step to give you glance about their business and offerings so that you may get a fair idea of the quality served by them.


Know your Partners Capability:-

Before becoming partner to an EMS provider, you should check his capabilities. These should include three key areas: administrative capabilities, product and process capability, and their in-house manufacturing facilities.

Administrative capabilities include how provider process orders, acquire raw material, and plan production .Look for in house manufacturing facilities and machineries, which will help you to know their accuracy and precision level. Product and process capability, would help you to know their product quality and their capacity to manufacture products, efficiently per day.

Visit Your EMS Partner:-

Finally, visit your EMS partner. Visit will provide you knowledge of their company culture, facilities and manufacturing policies. And a tour to their manufacturing facilities will clear your vision towards them.

If an EMS provider fits your checklist, than you can finalise him and aim for a better you.





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