Why the remote control manufacturing industry is rising in India?

Why the remote control manufacturing industry is rising in India?

Remote control, a small and powerful tool is not less than a convenient method in the present world of technology. Surely, everyone in this world is very well aware of the convenience and comfort offered by the remote control when it comes to controlling other devices like television, home theatre, DVD, and many others.  

Due to its innumerable benefits that bring a lot of convenience in the daily life of people, the remote control manufacturing in India has been increased immensely over the past few years. To provide more ease to the users, the manufacturers are constantly making different types of remote controls that have a wide range of applications.  

Reasons behind the growth of remote control manufacturing industry 

Let’s see why the industry of remote control is rising continuously. For this, it’s important to take a glimpse on the growing demand of some devices which cannot be operated without using this tiny component and the applications for which it is used. So, let’s talk about them one by one that is not limited to:

TV (Television) 

According to a survey conducted by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India, the number of TV households has been increased from 183 million in 2016 to 197 million in 2018. And, this data will rise up to 220-230 million in the upcoming years.  

To fulfill this increasing demand, not only the manufacturing of TV is required but there is also a need for manufacturing remote controls with the same proportion. As we all know, investing money in TV is not worthy until a person does not get a remote control turn on/off the TV and to flip its channels for enjoying favorite programs, sports, movies, etc.  

Air Conditioner 

The air conditioner makers are expecting that the AC market of India will rise from 30 million to a billion units in the next few years and almost by 2050. In the last few decades, the double-digit growth in the AC industry is due to the increase in income and reliable electricity supplies.  

To meet this booming demand for air conditioners, manufacturers will produce more and more ACs but they need to manufacture remote controls as well. The reason is that remote control plays an important role in operating an AC as it controls the room temperature, allows you to turn your AC on/off, and performs various other functions.  

Home Theater 

According to one market research, it has been predicted that the industry of home theater will grow with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8% by the year 2022. In the forthcoming years, the demand for home theaters will touch the highest peak due to the growth of smart homes.  

Undoubtedly, a home theatre  is useless without a remote control as it performs a lot more than controlling the volume and turn on/off a component. That’s why; the manufacturers need to manufacture remote control with home theaters in the same quantity.  

Home automation 

In the 21st century, home automation plays a vital role in human life as it enables them to control several home appliances such as fan, door, light, etc. Along with this, it offers home security and activates the emergency system. By using the remote control, the users can easily turn on/off one or multiple devices together from the distance. It means this small device provides a lot of comfort to the users.  

So, it can be concluded that remote control is a necessity for getting control over different devices and to use them without facing any hassle.  

Best remote control manufacturer in India 

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