Design and Development

Designing & Development is the most complex task, involving many factors such as functional and structural issues, processing issues which play a large role in the design. At LRIPL, we help you design your product which best suits to your brand and make it compete better in the market. So to proffer high quality results, Products are designed and developed by the most efficient and qualified professionals in an in-house designing and development Lab. The development Lab is well equipped with the latest CAD/CAM Software, CNC Machines and Automatic Test facility to ensure every product maintains high standard of design and operation. Our constant Endeavour towards excellence keeps us technically updated to meet the international industry standards. Our Research Lab is driven to create world class products in accordance with the industry demands. At LRIPL design & development services encompass several procedures before manufacturing and assembly take place:

-Firstly, customer's specifications or product need is determined.

-After that, our product experts provide product concept detailing, objective of project and preliminary specification.

-The product is then visualized, developed and tested.

-Lastly, prototype is sent to the customer for approval.